Copyrighting Colors: Sad resort

If you think about it, there are obviously dupes for various polish out there. There are a ton of companies that make nail polish and it could or could not be a coincidence that a company makes a dupe every now and then. However, each nail polish company has their own “trademark” style: OPI loves reds, Color Club does neons and holos well, China Glaze always listens to us and comes up with very innovative textures and colors. So yea, dupes happen.

However, when we’re talking about such a small community of polish lovers, this kind of makes me upset. My good friend DrFrankenPolish has been frankening for a while and she really has a style of their own. But when someone knocks colors off to the exact and sells it for profit, that’s what makes this topic slightly uncomfortable. Yes, DrFrankenPolish does post her recipes, but I don’t think she does it to expect others to sell her intellectual/creative property. I took snippets of DrFrankenPolish and Knock-off-for-profit to show you the similarities to the two:

While there’s nothing we can do about it, I just hope that people would realize that greed does not win 😦


12 responses to “Copyrighting Colors: Sad resort

  1. ??? confused in connecticut

    I think this post is missing some crucial information. I’m confused. What is knock-off-for-profit?

    Are you saying a company copied Dr. Frankenpolish?

    • An individual who is selling DrFrankenPolish’s intellectual property. I’m not going to list this person’s name or URL because she really doesn’t deserve the recognition.

  2. Dr. Frankenpolish works hard to create her own special polishes, and is nice enough to post the recipes so others can make it as well. Her ingredients are not expensive or hard to find. Someone using the recipes and ideas that she came up with for profit is not cool.

  3. wow that is wrong. people shoudl not be making money selling other ppl’s recipes they post for FREE.

  4. Ugh, this makes me angry!

    Dr Frankenpolish spends so much time on her blog, posting specific recipes and doing reader requests, and now someone comes along and tries to make money off her hard work?! I think it’s really sad, and I hope no-one buys them 😦

  5. This is way not cool. In fact, it’s downright wrong.

  6. what happened?

    who is selling frankens?


  7. sure polish companies, and i mean the big companies like china glaze and opi, have colors that are similar, but this is just too much of a coincidence of colors. they look identical.

    if this is the person i am thinking of, i recall her from makeupalley. she is constantly trying to advertise her products. even the big reps on there like china glaze dont do that.

  8. Um, hmmm. I’m a NB reader and I have yet to see anyone selling anything on that board – I thought it was grounds for deletion? I’m not sure what you’re getting at here.

    And I remember Frankenpolish’s King Midas color (a beaut!), but what is King Crow? This is the most confusing blog entry ever 😦

  9. Ok, I know it is impossible to tell if they are exact dupes, but as a nail polish collecter with a lot of polish in my collection, I think the original Midas Franken Polish is a unique color. Misa has a black with gold glitter but I do not know of anyone who makes a black with gold shimmer. That speaks volumes to me. Sassy, it is kind of you to watch out for other bloggers. {-:

  10. This REALLY ticks me off. Amanda is great great gal and to have someone use her kindness for profit makes me beyond seeing red!

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