Tipsy Tuesday: Konad Princess Polish Reviewed

Besides Konad’s original Special Polish, they also have a line of Princess Polish which have more pearly and unique colors.

Price: The MSRP is $7.99 per polish which is a bit steep. However, there might be sales here and there that’ll pop up (remember, you always get 20% off with code sasse). After discount, the price is basically equiviant to a full-price “nicer” drugstore polish.

Brush: The brush is a much better design than the regular Konad Special polish. The brush of the Princess Polish are shorter, giving you a better angle to apply the polish to the plate. Though not required, I’m glad that Konad did a little innovation on their part. However, I did have a couple polish that had a wonky brush (like OPI’s wonkiness). This can be fixed by trimming the flared out bristles. This is not so much an issue with Konad polish since most of the time, you don’t need accuracy when globbing polish on the plate.

Princess Polish Brush

Texture: It’s thick, just like a ‘nad compatible polish should be. No complains there.

Overall: I’ll need to knock off 1 hula girl because of the price and some of the wonky brushes, but it’s definitely worth owning for any ‘nad fanatic! I would recommend if you can get it at a good price!

Rating: 4 out of 5

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One response to “Tipsy Tuesday: Konad Princess Polish Reviewed

  1. LOL hula girl!

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