China Glaze Second Hand Silk Konad

I’m digging this ‘nad here: DrFrankenPolish sent me a Satin Silver Absolute nail art polish along with China Glaze Second-Hand Silk. I figured I wouldn’t like SHS too much since it’s so pink. Well it’s kind of growing on me and I decided to do a brown bow ‘nad with it. I saw the Satin Silver from the bottle and had to try it since it looked so cool, so I added a girly butterfly with it. It works great!!

China Glaze Second Hand Silk with Konad m41 and Konad Princess Polish Chocolate and Absolute Satin Silver

The m41 plate is growing on me. Sometimes I really don’t want to buy a plate just for one pattern, but I guess you can find some “hidden treasures” sometimes 😉

Tip of the day (from reader Anita):  “I always apply (fast drying) top coat before I do my designs. That way, when I make a mistake, I can (swiftly) wipe the design off my nail up to two times without removing any polish (I use an almost  soaked cotton ball – if it’s too dry, it will make a mess :-). After the second mistake, I apply more top coat before trying again.”

Thanks for looking!


5 responses to “China Glaze Second Hand Silk Konad

  1. Great point…as just reading about the felt on another post of yours. I think i will try it. It’s always such a bummer if I mess up one nail!…youre a more patient woman than i am, I’d shuck it after 2 misses!

  2. I like your design and color choices. I think the silver butterfly adds just the right touch.

  3. Thats a really pretty design…simple and elegant with a wow factor pink base!

  4. Love your Konad design. Very pretty. Like that cute little silver butterfly.

  5. Is the cotton ball soaked with water or acetone? (Still learning about Konad techniques)

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