OC Nail Art 25% off Discount Code

Edit: This code applies to returning customers. If you’re a new customer and use the code, you may or may not get the discount.

For the while year I’ve been buying Konad, u have no seen such an awesome deal (at least from etailers that are not going out of business). Anyway, OC Nail Art is offering a 25% off to their awesome customers with free shipping over $20.

“When you check out, use coupon code client1 and you will receive 25% off of your entire order! Be sure to select the appropriate “FREE SHIPPING” choice from the drop down menu under shipping. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at any time!”

Happy Shopping. The code expires on August 31, 2009!


12 responses to “OC Nail Art 25% off Discount Code

  1. I was under the impression this was only for returning customers, not just anyone who decides to buy something on reading your blog, no?
    Maybe I’m wrong but just a heads up in case you misunderstood kathleens mass email 🙂
    It is a mega generous discount indeed!

    love your blog 😀

    • Yes, I got permission from Kathleen before posting this. I just wanted to share this to my readers. I do not get compensation of any kind from this.


      • That’s cool!
        I wasn’t implying you were getting anything out of sharing hun…I was honestly just asking in case you had misread the email. I was looking out for you, and kathleen as I think she is great, and didn’t want her having a mass of new customers using a discount only intended for returning customers.

        If it’s ok to post on blogs…fabulous! I might post it myself.

        Cheers x

      • Yea I just edited the post… thanks for looking out for me.

  2. thanks! i just placed an order! I ordered the kit c, and 3 other plates and 1 special polish in yellow. can’t wait to try them out.

  3. wow.. this is good dea!

  4. I feel like I wanna buy but I am not sure which to buy. I am beginner, any suggestion?

  5. what do you think of the new F kit?

    • If you only like doing Funky French and French designs and you don’t have all the other Konad stuff (Polish, Stamper, Scraper), then it’s a good buy. Whether it’s the regular “F” kit or the new “F” kit, they both have the best French Tip plates IMO.

      Hope this helps.

  6. wanna say I use your code sasse to buy new f kit

  7. top coat and nail polish whats the diff?

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