Tipsy Tuesday: Fixing the little mistakes

Are there times when you have messed up on your ‘nad and don’t want to wipe your entire nail off and start from base coat again? Somtimes you really don’t have to. If I mess up on one finger, here’s what I do:

  1. Get a felt square (felt is a little more “abrasive” than cotton balls so it scrubs off more without needing as much nail polish remover)
  2. Soak with nail polish remover
  3. Lightly scrub over nail until ‘nad design is gone

In addition to scrubbing off your ‘nad, you will also scrub off a light layer of polish. That’s better than having to redo the whole thing. What I usually do when that happens is I just reapply one coat of polish, speed dry topcoat, wait 5 minutes or so, then re-nad.

Sometimes this is a little difficult when you’re doing something dramatic such as black over white. However,


One response to “Tipsy Tuesday: Fixing the little mistakes

  1. sucks when that happens so if it isn’t that bad
    i’ll just leave it and don’t bother
    lazy me.

    btw. i heard that konad regular nail polishes allows you to erase konad special nail polishes stamped on with ease.

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