Nails Inc Brick Lane Konad

Yellow and gray is one of my favorite ‘nad combos! I think I like wearing yellow. However, I feel a little uncomfortable when I wear it because it’s so bright. That’s why I like I add a gray full-pattern Konad on yellow.

Nails Inc Brick Lane with Konad m70 and China Glaze Awaken

Tip of the day: If you cannot get your ‘nad image to pick up on your stamper, try to gently file your stamper and make sure you don’t touch the stamper with your fingers. The oils from your skin can make your stamper less “sticky” than you need to pick up the ‘nad image.

Thanks for looking!


12 responses to “Nails Inc Brick Lane Konad

  1. Yes…Yes…Yes!

    That IS one plate i DONT have…..ah. MUST-GET-PLATE. looks great!

  2. Love it! Very nice. And KonAddict – there’s a plate you don’t have????? I don’t believe it!!

  3. All true …. I know hard to believe. But, it looks so awesome, I’m tempted! Just an exams of how images look different on ate than nails! I totLlu agree on the color too! I have yellow- but never worn it it does look great with this pewter design. Tames it a bit.
    Oh & ladies… Quite a SAD turnout for contest- suggestions?

  4. hey hun just found ur blog

  5. I love it! It looks like sunlight through a stained glass window. I don’t have this plate either! Oh, temptation!

    I started a new blog. It should be linked above. Please check it out when you have a moment. I added you to my bloggers list so I can keep track of your latest Konad creations.

  6. hey girl
    by reading your posts,
    it seems that you do not use special nail polishes to do your konad stamping?
    other normal polishes works as well is it?
    mind sharing?

    btw, love your nail design and your blog

  7. hehe im new to your blog so im not sure which country are you from
    but certain countries have this brand called etude house
    and some of them work with konad

    here’s the product’s name and the shade’s code:
    Etude House Dear Darling Nails (No. 42)

    the product bottle looks like this (blue colour content)

    while the effect from konad stamping looks like this:

    not bad eh? 🙂

  8. tic tock sasse! contest deadline fast approachng :). Plus I Know your Post would help my turnout!?

    • Thanks for the reminder! It’s been a crazy week!

      • well, I just figured you have such a strong follwing & I really want to make the most of OCNAILART sponsorship by getting the word out there- you too know how generous Kathleen is to bloggers and readers alike. Just didn’t want to dissapoint? But i have seen how contest givaways @ awesome promos like your 25% generate buzz in the blogs…get people excited about konad’ing!

        Thanks for your help in making the contest more visable.

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