Tipsy Tuesday: Metal or Plastic?

There’s a great debate as to which is better: metal ‘nad scrapers or plastic ‘nad scraper. Konad was the pioneer of the metal scraper. While fauxnad quickly followed with plastic (perhaps this is because production is cheaper on the plastic scraper)?

Performance: which works better? While this information is scientifically inconclusive, they both work equally well. Naturally, if you end up buying a Konad kit or something, you’ll end up with a metal scraper. For those who started with the Fauxnad route, then you’ll probably end up with a plastic scraper. One complaint about the metal scrapers is that it scratches the plate. Personally, I don’t really care about scratching since I don’t plan on framing my ‘nad plates. If you care about your plates getting scratched, then metal might not be for you.

Where do I buy a plastic scraper? You can get them from Before you fun off and shop, keep in mind that a plastic membership card (gym membership, library card, CVS card, Safeway card, etc) would work just fine! Just cut it up in a small piece and you’re good to go. Oooh… if you don’t want to cut, a good alternative is the keychain version of the Beauty Insider cards may work (let me know how that works if you use that).

Which one do you use? I use a metal one since that’s what I started out with, and it’s not going bad yet so why switch? If my metal one breaks or something, I may go plastic.


8 responses to “Tipsy Tuesday: Metal or Plastic?

  1. I have the pro salon kit and it contains two metal and one plastic scraper. I usually use the metal but once I realised there was a plastic one in there I used that a couple of times, so the plates wouldn’t scratch. I didn’t find it anywhere near as good as the metal one. It just pulled the paint round the design a little bit instead of away, so I ended up picking up loads of excess paint with the stamper. The ‘blade’ on the plastic scraper isn’t as thin as on the metal so that could be why.

  2. I received both the plastic and the metal scraper in my kit. I always use the plastic one with great results. I would really love it if the plastic scrapers were stocked in the U.S.

  3. I think OC Nail Art have the plastic scraper also. 🙂

    • OC Nail Art does have the plastic scraper. I e-mailed Kathleen about it. I missed it there. It’s right at the bottom of accessories. 🙂

  4. I haven’t used my Konad kit yet. I did save a plastic card. This way I can try both.

  5. My original kit – which I picked up at the State Fair – came with a metal scaper & although I have tried using a plastic card, in the end I stuck with the metal. Like you said, I’m not going to fram my plates LOL, and if I find I’m pressing hard enough to leave BAD scratches, then I’m really pressing too hard & not leaving enough paint in the design either. A light touch = minimal scratching + a good impression =)

  6. Hi, I have a metal scraper, but I have never tried it. I use an old gift card. Before buying my Konad stuff I read everything I could find about it. Everyone mentioned the scratches that come with using the metal scraper, so I saved a few old gift cards and use those. I have heard that the scratches don’t effect the designs at all, but I like keeping my plates shiny and smooth.

  7. I originally bought a kit that came with a metal scrapper but left it in a hotel room when I went on vacation for 4th of July. I only saw plastic scrapers for sell individually so I bought 2 of those for back up. I wish I would have thought of the card though because I would I used that instead of buying more scrapers.

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