Savvy Red Caviar Konad

Since we’re on the rose topic last time, here’s another rosey one for all y’all. I love the chrome over dark combos. I’ve done the rose full pattern before, but I decided to add a twist to one of the roses. Can you see it?

Savvy Red Caviar with Konad m65 and Sally Hansen Royal Purple and CND Times Square

Thanks for looking!


7 responses to “Savvy Red Caviar Konad

  1. So pretty! I see the rose is a bit pink, rather than silver. My very first Konad was done in silver on deep red and I’ve always liked that combination,

  2. oh oh oh this looks so pretty. You’re right, Chrome on dark polishes are just awesome! I like how this looks girly, sort of reminds me of a vintage wallpaper. And it’s uber cute how you made one of the roses pink. ^_^

  3. Looks great, I need to get some chrome polishes now 😀

  4. One of these days, I’ll get my speed fast enough to do two colors on an all over design. Looks really pretty! It’s one of my all time favorite plates.

    I would like it if you would do a “Konad designs that don’t get enough love” series.

  5. That is a beautiful Konadicure. I so love the deep nail polish with the pink roses. Just gorgeous. Can you tell that I really like this?!

  6. Wow!! That is just ridiculously beautiful and cool!!!

  7. LOVE the chrome over the dark…totally pops! Gonna have to try…after i buy it! I can already see your going to be a bad influence on my already questionable Konaddiction!
    so, the rose…hard to tell, but im thinking you made it a little purple?

    Side note, my email is if you get a chance, id love to hear from you about some blogging tips. New & what seems pretty basic (following & readers) …well im a dork. cant figure it all out, would you care to toss some basic tips my way? I love your konad blogs…& you inspired me to do one of my own, JUST konad.

    thanks for your awesome posts, ideas, & help!

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