NYX Jungle Konad

I was in a Funky French mood lately so I decided to do a Konad Funky French (naturally). I took advantage the 50% off NYX sale a few weeks ago and Jungle was one of the colors. It’s beauiful!

NYX Jungle with Konad C06 and China Glaze Adore

Tip of the day: When you ‘nad French tips, have the face stamp and the fingers face you, forming a V. Then match up the Konad tip to the tip of your nail and roll the stamp from the outside (pinky side) in.

Thanks for looking!


6 responses to “NYX Jungle Konad

  1. love the mani- i just don’t really understand what youre saying about the french tip konading tip- make a v?? i’m having trouble with french tips so im sure your tip would be very helpful to me, i just wish i could understand what you mean!!

  2. Very pretty. I’d also like to see a video.

  3. Oh yea… i’m looking forward to that video too! I have probs with the just the tip patterns as well. I feel like i need to center the stamped image onto the nailtip and then roll right and left, but that really smudges things. I know it’d be better to roll from just one side too, but i have to see this in action 🙂

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