Patriotic ‘nad: Zoya Divincia

As much as I dislike reds, I would be more than happy to paint them for the sake of celebrating our freedom. Sooo cheesy, I know! Yes, I took this off right after I took the photo! This is a simple stars and fireworks (I guess that’s what it is) on the thumb:

Zoya Divincia with Fauxnad C06 and Absolute Satin Silver

Tip of the day: if your polish has not been completely dried and you ‘nad over it, you’ll see wrinkle “lines”. You can try to smooth them out by gently “wiping” them with your thumb. Don’t worry too much about the fine lines: they’ll be covered up with the next layer of top coat anyway!

Thanks for looking!

Thanks for looking!


5 responses to “Patriotic ‘nad: Zoya Divincia

  1. Very pretty colour on you! Thanks for the awesome tip! I love how top coats can fix everything! Haha! : D

    • Thanks Wan… I don’t know if I agree on the color being pretty. I TinyURL’d it this morning so I saw the picture and got scared. I don’t know if I’m a fan of reds 😉

  2. Great fourth ‘nad, Sasse!

  3. The stars are adorable…love it!

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