Tipsy Tuesday: eBay ‘nad deals

If you search something along the lines of “nail stamping” on eBay, you will find a ton of Konad knock offs (also known as Fauxnad). The first things you might see is a fancy looking nail art kit with a stamping “machine”, several polishes and a several octagon shaped plates.  Photos courtesy of $0.00postage on eBay: I have not bought from them so I’m not sure how good they are as a seller, but they had the pictures I needed for today’s Tipsy Tuesday.

First, the “machine” is a guillotine-like contraption where you place your finger at the guillotine. Then you put a glob of polish at the other end of the guillotine and then use the handle and scrape away. Easy right? Here are a couple pictures of the machine from Hong Kong:

I was told by a Nail Boarder that the machine is useless. You basically receive the machine and take apart the stamper and the scaper from the rest of the plastic fancy named components. Not bad. Then you have 6 plates and 7 polish to play with. Cool.

I love French tip plates and full pattern plates. This is one thing that you will not be able to get from the Fauxnad plates. Most of the Fauxnad plates will be flowers. If you’re okay with that, then the Fauxnad kit would be great for you.

There are individual plates you can get that is not a kit. There is a listing that has about 18 plates for about $22. That comes to about a little more than $2 per plate. That’s a good deal too, but again: no French tip or full pattern plates 😦

Conclusion: eBay is a good deal as long as you don’t plan  to ever get any French tip or full pattern plates. You might end up having to go the Konad route if you decide to try French tip and full pattern plates!


6 responses to “Tipsy Tuesday: eBay ‘nad deals

  1. Looks interesting but a shame that it doesn’t work well. I haven’t tried my Konad yet so I wouldn’t know if there was any merit to that machine. Sounds like a good deal for those plates if you like flowers.

  2. hahaha love your reworked descriptive diagram XD

  3. I’ve been Konading for about three months and love what you’ve put together on your blog. That said… I have to disagree that this is a “deal”. The products are really less quality than authentic Konad ones.

    I bought a set last month solely because of the Hello Kitty plate. The plate did come, and the other plates were serviceable (except for their dangerously sharp edges); but all the others in the package were useless junk. The machine is great in concept but very poor in execution, their stamper is too rounded and slick-rubbery compared to the Konad stamper (I already had a full Konad system), and the polishes were yuck. They reeked of such strong chemical that I almost felt nausea, I didn’t even dare putting them on my nails; They went immediately to Zoya Exchange (hooray for Zoya… otherwise they would have been simply thrown out in garbage.)

    In addition, the images on the plates are not as intricately carved in as they are on Konad plates. Most of them look chunky and are too big in size (they aren’t full-nail designs, but still too big for short, natural, everyday-length nails.)

    All in all, my conclusion is that it’s a good deal as long as you simply want to expand your plate collection and don’t mind buying Konad stamper and other polishes (Konad or not) additionally. When I purchased, there was no other option to get the Hello Kitty plate, so I had to pay up the whole kit price. But as a kit or system, that eBay stamping kit really is not worth the money. It’s much better to invest in a quality Konad products from the beginning.

    • It’s more like a bang for your buck thing with eBay stuff I guess. For $2 a plate; eh. You’re right though, the quality of the plates it not as good as Konad.

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