Tipsy Tuesday: Get a smear-free ‘nad

One of the most comment questions regarding ‘nadding is: how come your ‘nad doesn’t smear? Is it in the topcoat? Maybe. Here are a few tips to keep your ‘nad from smearing:

  • Use a topcoat that is thin and won’t “drag” on the nail
  • When apply the topcoat, use a big glob.
  • Apply quickly, and don’t go over the same spot twice
  • Drying speeds of the ‘nad is different for everyone: if you’re still smearing after following the tips above, then try to let your ‘nad dry longer before finishing up with the topcoat.
  • I have had no trouble with Poshe Topcoat, and readers have reported that the Cina Topcoat from Sally works great. You also might want to try Topcoats designed for nail art if you’ve tried the above. Seche Vite is notorious for thickening. If your SV is too thick, make sure it’s thinned with nail polish thinner before you finish off your ‘nad.

Thanks for reading!


9 responses to “Tipsy Tuesday: Get a smear-free ‘nad

  1. Thanks for those tips! I’ve had trouble every now and then with smearing, so perhaps I should change top coats.

  2. I haven’t used my Konad yet. Shame on me. Thanks for the tips.

  3. I love my Konad but I often end up smearing my designs 😦

  4. Do you have any tips for topcoats in general? I’ve never used one, but some of my polishes chip off my fingers very rapidly and I was wondering if there is a good one to extend their life.

    • Actually, it might be your base coat that is also causing the chipping too. You need the right combination to get it to work for some people. For example, some people love Barielle Camouflage base coat while others swear by Nailtek II Foundation. A ridge filling base coat often helps. I know this isn’t really helpful, but most of it comes along with a lot of experimentation before finding your HG combo!

      • I’ve never used base coat either…I know, I’m a total nail polish neophyte. I’ve always just put a coat or two of polish on…then done! But I guess I should start looking for base/top coats!

  5. Another tip, the Konad clear top coat really does help with dragging. Then apply your fast dry over it.

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