Reader Request: ‘Nadding Naked

One of our SSS readers, Michelle, asked me what colors would look good over no polish. I did a couple experiments and found that contrasting chromes look so awesome over naked nails:

China Glaze Adore with Konad S06

Tip of the day: If you want to ‘nad over naked nails, make sure you put a base coat on before you ‘nad. That way your nails won’t stain (especially when you’re ‘nadding with darker contrasting colors). How cool is that?

Thanks for looking!


6 responses to “Reader Request: ‘Nadding Naked

  1. **wiggles eyebrows at nude nails**

  2. Great tip! And that chrome colours looks awesome with that konad image!

  3. Wow! I can’t believe I inspired this! It looks great. At first I was thinking another Michelle asked about Konading over clear polish too, then it hit me. I’m that Michelle! I have Adore, I’ll have to try some Konading with it. Thanks so much! PS: I have tried a silver chrome and it looks really great too. I had never thought of doing a full-nail stamp over clear nails but you’ve changed my mind, it looks so good, especially if you are afraid of being too bold or obvious. What a great option!

    • Hi Michelle,
      Honestly, I have no idea where I pulled this one out of after you asked about it 😉 It turned out good though, I hope this helped you with more ideas 🙂

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