Reader Request: China Glaze Grape Juice Konad

One of our SSS readers, Lauren wanted me to think of something fun with Konad plate m41 with the clump of daisies. Since that pattern is a little too small to be a full finger pattern, it makes it difficult to do (though full finger pattern can be achieved with this plate: stay tuned). Here are one of the things that I did with it: Funky French. My nails are short and the French tip is large based on the nail-to-tip ratio (okay that sounded fancy but you know what I mean). Anyway, I think the daisies make such a cute Funky French. I’ll do a couple more ‘nads with this pattern.

China Glaze Grape Juice with Konad m41 and CND Times Square

It makes me want to go out and run around in a daisy field. 😛

Thanks for looking!


9 responses to “Reader Request: China Glaze Grape Juice Konad

  1. That looks great, makes me wonder why grape juice is still in my untrieds

  2. That’s gorgeous! Definitely one of my faves that you’ve done. And Grape Juice is so lovely 🙂

  3. SweetMystique

    Thats really pretty! I like how you used an allover pattern as a french tip 🙂

  4. Oh, love it Sasse! Grape Juice looks great on you.

  5. That’s so pretty, excellent job!

  6. Oh wow! That looks terrific! You definitely don’t disappoint. 😀 Thank you!

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