Tipsy Tuesday: DIY Wedding Manicure

Summer is wedding season! I figured I would take this opportunity to give you a quick tutorial on a wedding-inspired manicure (this will save you some $ at the nail salon). I added a rhinestone to accentuate the mani; it also works well if your wedding dress had rhinestones on it.

Zoya Stephanie with Konad m19 and m51 and Rhinestone

What makes this tutorial kind of fun is you can basically stop at any step and add top coat and you’re all set 🙂 The further down you go, the fancier the manicure!

  1. Apply base coat on your nails (I didn’t do it for the photo since I was going to take it off right after the tutorial was finished ;)) Then add french tip using plate m19 with white polish (Konad or non-konad will do).
  2. Apply two coats of your favorite nude polish. I used Zoya Stephanie:
  3. Add a fast dry topcoat. Wait 5-10 minutes then add flower design from plate m51. I like to put the flowers to the lower inside or outside corned of each nail (but you don’t have to do that):
  4. Now add a rhinestone. You can do this to as many fingers as you want. You can use your fingers to pick up the rhinestone, add a small drop of topcoat to the bottom of the rhinestone to adhere to the nail. However, I find that the rhinestone Pickerr Uperr that I picked up at Sally works much better:
  5. Then gently place on the spot where you want the rhinestone (I picked the center of a flower for this one). Add fast dry topcoat, and you’re all set!

One of SSS readers, Michelle, asked me what ‘nad colors would look good over naked nails. Stay tuned for a couple ideas :

Thanks for looking!


12 responses to “Tipsy Tuesday: DIY Wedding Manicure

  1. That’s very classy!

    I have a question: in the past, when I’ve tried to put on a second coating of fast-dry topcoat like Seche Vite, sometimes the polish ends up lifting at the corners because of the shrinkage. Actually this mostly occurs when I apply another coat of SV to a fully-dry mani (like trying to freshen it up a day or so later) – that NEVER works! Do you run into that with this method, or is the mani still soft enough that it won’t peel? TY!

    • Hi Liz,
      Yea I’ve heard of that before. I know with some people if you put a 2nd coat of SV or Insta-Dri Topcoat on your mani, it peels in sheets. Try a different Topcoat for your 2nd coat. I haven’t had problems with Poshe or even try a non-fast dry topcoat as your 2nd topcoat. I think it comes with experimenting with different topcoats and how it works with your body chemistry.

  2. I love that picker upper tool, very cool. Love the simple design too!

  3. Oooh la la!!! I love that wedding mani!!! Very classy indeed. Nice work!

  4. sooo pretty!!!! i didnt know you can buy those rhinestone picker upper things at Sallys!!!

  5. Thanks for the easy instructions. Very simple but elegant looking.

  6. hi there this is a very up to date and informative can i put a link on one of my blogs -regards Angela

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