Guest ‘nadder: Future nail artist Emma

So I want to show you guys that one of my youngest readers, who is 11, is great at ‘nadding. This shows that people of most ages can ‘nad! Emma is Kathleen’s (from 11 year old daughter. She came up with an awesome ‘nad design over Memorial Day for Readers’ Week! Here is Emma’s guest entry: I’ve learned so much from her post! There are lots of useful hints in here that will be handy.

My name is Emma and I am the CEO of OcNailArt (I’m not really, but I like saying that).  My Mommy, Kathleen, works for me.  Mommy told me that you offered to let me be a guest blogger on your site and I’m really excited about that. I came up with a really nice Konad manicure to share with your readers.  Since July 4 is coming up pretty soon, I decided to do a red white and blue manicure.

First,I took off my old polish, trimmed my nails, and filed them to shape them. I used my 4-sided buffer to make sure my nails were smooth and didn’t have any bumps or ridges. Then I used Konad Cuticle Oil and massaged it into my nail beds.  I left it on for a few minutes, then I used an orange stick to push back my cuticles and washed my hands with soap and water, scrubbing under my nails with a brush.  I gave my nails a quick swipe with nailpolish remover to make sure all of the oil and soap were gone.  Mommy says you have to prep nails like you prep walls for paint and paint doesn’t stick to dirt or grease.

Next, I painted my nails with Konad Base Coat.  I like it because it prevents my nails from being stained with nail polish.  The polish I used today probably wouldn’t stain, but my Mommy says it’s a good habit to get into.  I don’t really wear a lot of dark colors, but sometimes I do, when I’m allowed.

After the base coat, I used Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri – color 02 Whirlwind White to paint my nails.  I like Insta-Dri because it has a nice wide brush, goes on in one coat (usually), dries fast and looks really pretty.  I’m just a kid, so I don’t like to wait a long time for my nails to dry before I start stamping.  I put 2 coats on today, because I wanted them to look really pretty for your blog.

After my nails dried, I got out my Konad supplies.  I used the disk holder, double-sided stamper, scraper, red special stamping polish, blue special stamping polish, disks M14 and M44, 2 blue rhinestones and Konad clear top coat.  When my nails were dry (and it didn’t take long) I used the blue polish to stamp the stars French tips on M44 on my thumbs.  It looks really nice over the white nail polish.  Then, below the stars, on my thumbs, I stamped the fireworks from M14 in red.  On each of my fingers, I stamped the stars French tips (M44) in red.  When I was done, I added a blue rhinestone to the larger of the fireworks on my thumbs.  Then I gave each finger a quick coat of Konad clear top coat and voila! A red white and blue manicure with a little bling.  I bet my friends will be very jealous when I get to school tomorrow.  Our family is going to a Memorial Day service at the park tonight, so I’ll be proud to show my American girl manicure.

I have a couple of tips for your readers, that I used in making this manicure.  The first one is that I used the double-sided stamper.  I used the larger (red) end to stamp the French tips designs on my thumbs and the smaller (green) end to stamp them on my fingers.  My thumb is a little too wide for the green end, but the green end is easier to place on my smaller nails.

Another tip I have helps you conserve the special stamping polish.  I got this tip from Wixbetty when she came to visit my us at our booth at the Orange County Marketplace last month.  She was watching me demonstrate Konad stamping nail art and I was putting a whole bunch of polish on each design.  She showed me how I can just put a little polish on one end of the design, but when I scrape across the design, it spreads the polish across the whole image…. so you don’t have to color the whole design – just one end of it….the polish is thick and will spread anyway.  I probably use about 1/3 the polish I used to, and that’s important because you can’t just get Konad polish anywhere.  I mean, I can, but…. you know…..

My last piece of advice is to use Konad top coat or a top coat that you KNOW will not smear your special stamping polish.  There’s nothing that makes me madder than spending all that time making a nice manicure, then smearing it with the final step.  Grrrrrr…that makes me really mad!

Anyway – I hope you like my idea.  Thank you very much for inviting me to be a guest blogger on your site, it was very kind of you to ask, since I’m just a little kid and not a lady or professional nail person.

Have a nice day!

I think that she does a better job than most people 2 times older than her. Now that’s inspiration (oh and I wil be trying that pattern soon myself )!


9 responses to “Guest ‘nadder: Future nail artist Emma

  1. neglelakkmani

    Wow, Emma! I wish I was so talented at you age, the design looks great! And thank you for useful tips! 🙂

  2. That is a great design for the upcoming 4th! Love all of the tips she gives and the little rhinestone is a nice touch. She’s a very pretty young lady 🙂

  3. Wow Emma! That’s a really great post. Thanx for all the great tips. You explained everything very clearly and I can’t wait to start trying out my Konad set. Your design is really pretty. I hope you get a chance to do another post for us very soon!

  4. Wow, she is very talented…I love her mani! 🙂 I think a lot of people will find her tips helpful.

  5. this is even great for flag day!!

  6. Great guest blogger idea, Sasse!

    Wonderful post, Emma!
    Are you sure you’re not a “lady or professional nail person?”

    Because I know for a fact that you ARE a polite young lady and you just proved that you are a professional Konad nail person. (Not to mention the lab coat. Who can argue with a white lab coat with your name on it?) =D

    Seriously, though, it is a beautifully written, perfectly photographed article, Emma. Just wait, you’ll get the blogging bug, and all of us “ladies” will be following your advice, waiting for your next tutorial…

    I know I will!

    ~wixbetty ❤

    P.S. Thanks for the link! =]

  7. Wow, she is good! And I really appreciate the tip for conserving the polish, I feel like I waste so much.

  8. What a creative, cute manicure! Great job! And thanks for the tip about conserving polish!

  9. Terrific job Emma. Your a beautiful young lady with gorgeous eyes. I love the design Emma came up with. She was very helpful and gave lots of hints. This is a terrific idea having guests.

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