Guest ‘nadder: Sweetmystique

There will be no Tipsy Tuesday this week since it’s Readers’ Week 🙂

Sometimes I need to tell myself to stop staring at this next ‘nad because I really don’t want to fork out the $ to buy MAC Seasonal Peach. This looks so lovely on Sweetmystique. The bow adds so much class to it! Just love it:

MAC Seasonal Peach with Konad m56 by Sweetmystique on MUA


6 responses to “Guest ‘nadder: Sweetmystique

  1. Flippin’ gorgeous! I love this mani ❤

  2. I love the bows…too cute!!!

  3. That is so pretty. I love the bows on the peach polish. Now I wish I had bought this shade. Damn!

  4. Danitza Zarate

    This one lookos very elegant and sweet! =)

  5. Whoa!!! Emma and I HAVE TO HAVE this polish! Nice work!!!!!

  6. That is the best I’ve seen seasonal peach look on someone.

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