Reader Request: China Glaze Strawberry Fields Konad

Reader Panderbear (from Stupid Nail Polish Names blog) requested that I did a Konad with the paisley pattern from the m60 plate. Since the weather has been nice and sunny out, I decided to do a couple brighter than usual colors:

China Glaze Strawberry Fields with Konad m60 and Konad Yellow

The yellow actually make the pink appear to look coral. Cool huh?

Tip of the day: When working with bright colors, don’t be afriad to try to ‘nad with other bright colors (even with full pattern plates). Bright combos make awesome summer ‘nads!


10 responses to “Reader Request: China Glaze Strawberry Fields Konad

  1. That is so pretty. Like a tapestry pattern to me.

  2. I really like that pattern…is that just one image or did you combine images (I’m not familiar with that plate). Love the colors you chose, very bright and summery 🙂

  3. That’s actually one large image. Pretty cool huh?

  4. That is a pretty summery combo!

  5. neet it did make it a coral color….. Love the Paisley konad… awesome blog and always great posts.

  6. I just noticed you did my request…thanks! I hadn’t pictured it with such bright colors but it looks gorgeous; it really brings out the vibrancy of the pattern. Definitely considering m60 for my first Konad plate!

  7. Thanks! this is such an amazing manicure, after I saw this I went and bought a Konad set, m60 and Strawberry fields!! That’s how much I love this mani x

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