Reader Request: Zoya Harley Konad

Vanessa of Casual Lavish requested that I used the m69 plate for my next Konad. Since she provided the nice Zoya giveaway a month ago, I figured I would use one of the Zoya colors from that 🙂 The small dots on it did not pick up very well. So I improvised and made random flowers on the index, middle, ring and pinky. The thumb turned out decent:

Zoya Harley with Konad m69

Tip of the day: If extreme fine details is not picking up from the plate, try cleaning your ‘nad plate with felt and nail polish remover before attempting again.


8 responses to “Reader Request: Zoya Harley Konad

  1. Gorgeous! I love the black and silver!

  2. I like that! The thumb is cute with the dots, but I think the other nails look just fine the way they are, too. Harley is a great color! I received my very first Zoya’s in the giveaway from Casual Lavish and have ordered 2 more times! Love them 🙂

    • Thanks Mary! Yes Zoyas are pretty awesome… I hope they don’t come out with some other awesome collection in the fall because my wallet will not be happy! LOL

  3. I really like the color Harley. The Konad design is adorable. Black and silver is a pretty color combination.

  4. That’s really cute!

  5. Thanks Lucy and Vki 🙂

  6. I love how you did the thumb to match but made it different.

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