Tipsy Tuesday: The ‘Nading Newbie Starter Kit

Everyone’s 1st Konad order will be different. For the sake of consistency, let’s just use the Konad brand for a starter kit because it is a lot easier to learn with Konad plates than Fauxnad plates due to Konad’s etching depth being slightly deeper than Fauxnad’s. My husband is a machinist (no he can’t make ‘nad plates: I already asked him), and he can tell you that a thousandth of an inch can make a huge difference. Anyway, you have two options: a) buy a kit or b) piece the kit yourself (à la carte). The bare minimum is one plate, one polish, and stamper/scraper.

The Kit:

Konad considered this and has a “S” Kit available for $15.99 (photos courtesy of

Couple things about the kit:

  1. The polish you get is half the size of the individual Konad polish that you can get à la carte.  The kit’s polish is 5ml: whereas the normal polish that you get individually is 10ml.
  2. The plate you get is the m2 plate, which is this one. It’s a good plate to start out with, but may not suit everyone’s taste:

À la carte:

Here is the breakdown if you were to buy the following kit above piece by piece. Keep in mind that the difference between piecing the kit together vs. the kit is that a) you’re not confined to plate m2, and b) you will get 2x more polish than in the kit.

  • Stamper/Scraper: $6.99
  • Polish: $6.99
  • 1 Plate (any design): $6.99
  • Total: $20.97

Do you really need the Image Disk Holder? In my opinion, not really. Take a look at the tip of the day from a previous post on how I go about not using the Image Disk Holder.

All in all, you save about $5 if you go the kit route. Still a good deal even if you get half the polish. Keep in mind that these are retail prices and does not include the 20% off coupon code (sasse) at

If you’re on the MUA community, sometimes you can find plates and stampers up for swap or you can look at community journals (like NBMarketplace) that resell these items. I’m going to brew up something for a future giveaway for newbies! Keep your eyes peeled for that in the next couple weeks (hint: one month anniversary giveaway)!


3 responses to “Tipsy Tuesday: The ‘Nading Newbie Starter Kit

  1. I’m tempted, but I’m supposedly not supposed to buy anything that will add to my weight when I leave here {spain} in a few weeks to go back home.


  2. thank you for break down…need above $20 for free shipping me in Malaysia.

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