Change of Pace: Foil FAIL

So I figured I would relieve you from some ‘nads and talk about my experience with foils with all y’all. So I thought they looked really cool if it worked and it could help me from wanting to get a Minx mani. So I go to and get a bunch of supplies. It consisted of a primer (base coat: which is basically a glue like consistency and dries very tacky), the foil, and sealer (topcoat).

The application process wasn’t bad. I waited extra long for the base coat to dry before applying the foil, which helps with having it peel off in one neat sheet. Then I put the topcoat on. The topcoat makes it less smooth and in fact, it crinkled on me. I was mildly disappointed, but it still looked cool:

As you can see, it’s a messy swatch, so after that I decided to take a shower and wash off the yucky stuff on the side. After a 20 minute shower, here’s how it looked:

That much tipwear over 1 shower?! Unless you have someone that baths you, I don’t think this will last on most people. How disappointing. Though it doesn’t cost too much, don’t waste your money on this… at least not for the purpose I used it for.


7 responses to “Change of Pace: Foil FAIL

  1. What a shame. Could you hire someone to wash you? Hehe! The foil looks so pretty. How rotten is that to lose color and then get messy tips. That really stinks. There are so
    many pretty foils that are available. You saved me money. Thanks.

  2. It does look cool! Until you take a shower, that is. Thanks for sharing though…now we know not to try this!

  3. You did MUCH better than I did when I attempted foils!!! Too bad they don’t last that long…they are pretty.

  4. Foils are so hard! You did great. The wear is awful even if you attempt several top coats.

  5. Thanks Guys!

    Vanessa: The more TC I put on it, the worse it got! This is probably the worse nail art invention!

  6. awwwww, it looked really cool before your shower. I like those foils

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