Tipsy Tuesday: Polish Essentials

For those of you who have looked at the polish page of regular polish that work with ‘nad, you’re probably a bit excited and overwhelmed at the same time. When I first realized that not just Konad polish work, I started to test each polish I had that would look like it would work. That got old pretty quick, so I figured the polish page would be a group effort. I digress.

What basic colors should you have for ‘nading? I would definitely start off with a white and a black. For white and black, I don’t mind spending an extra buck or two for Konad since you will be using it a lot. Those are probably the two colors I used the most when I started to ‘nad. After that, you can build your collection with a few chromes (because those are easy to work with) and some other colors that are more eye catching. Don’t be scared to have a neon pink or bright yellow in your stash because those colors work great with darker colors and designs that have more intricate lines. Nail pens with a creme finish works good too, the glitter ones was massive FAIL for me.

Stay tuned for next week’s poor person’s newbie ‘nad kit. If you’re not new at this, it’ll be good clean entertainment. My topics will get more advanced as time goes by.


5 responses to “Tipsy Tuesday: Polish Essentials

  1. I ❤ your blog! 🙂

    Did you find your black & white special polishes streaked at all when you put top coat on them? I haven't used mine yet but am worried about ruining my mani =/ Did you need to thin them at all, I've heard that helps?

    • It won’t streak. Just make sure when you put TC on, you don’t go over the same spot twice. No, you shouldn’t need to thin it neither!

  2. I purchized last week a set by German brand U.M.A., says “manufactured by Konad”. The plate M2 (not the best design to my taste) ans stamp+scrapers are Ok. But there were 2 polishes in the set – the dark red and whyte, both of them are not the best quolity. I could use the red one for stamping, but it is a bit too thin in my opinion. The white one didnt work at all. Do you have any recommendations for me as for the beginner?

    • Hi Tigra,

      You can try a few from the polish list here and see what happens. I’m not sure if yours is like that, but there are a lot of Konad plates that still have the plastic on it (it doesn’t look as shiny if you look at the plate). Is yours like that? If so, there is a protective coating you can peel off (this is on the side with the design). If not, practice practice practice! Try chrome finishes too!

  3. a good top coat is Sally Hansen…. it doesn’t smudge the design… you can’t be cheap with it though… have to put enough…plus it gives it a megashine!!!!

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