Color Club Ultra Violet Fauxnad

Color Club Ultra Violet is one of the coolest neons I own (besides China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise). I decided to do a funky 70s flower in blue for a cool contrast:

Color Club Ultra Violet with Fauxnad C10 and Konad Blue Pearl

It is just me, or does this remind me of those groovy bathtub stickers from 30 years ago?

Tip of the day: Try placing your scraper perpendicular to your plate when scraping. Images seem to be sharper that way.


5 responses to “Color Club Ultra Violet Fauxnad

  1. That’s cute! Fun colors and yes, the flowers remind me of those 70’s flowers also! I like that CC polish, it looks like it has a bit of shimmer to it.

  2. Another fun Konad, you make it seem so simple! I always leave the site lemming a Konad set but at the moment I’m on a no-buy…
    I really enjoy your blog, always fun to find new blogs to add to the daily reading list 🙂

  3. How cute! I haven’t gotten the collection yet. I want them all. I like the Konad flowers. Sure does look like the bathtub stickers.

  4. Where can I buy these fauxnad plates? I have looked every where on the web, ebay and stores with no luck. I would really appreciate any links or info you have. Thanks in advance. By the way your nails look great.

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