Color Club Revvvolution Konad

Chromes are so great to ‘nad with. My latest discovery to the polish list is Creative Nail Designs Times Square. Unfortunately, it’s discontinued (boo), but the closest that I can think of is China Glaze Devotion. After looking at one of Scrangie’s Konad with China Glaze OMG! and the m64 plate, I figured I would try something similar. Not near as cool as hers, but still distracting. It looks like marbling, how cool!

Color Club Revvvolution with Konad m63 and CND Times Square

Tip of the day: ‘nading with holos are fun! To take full advantage of the effect, chose plates that take up a lot of surface with less fine lines!


8 responses to “Color Club Revvvolution Konad

  1. That’s a fantastic design! My list of plates to orders just grew again! You’re right, it does look a bit like a marbled effect…love it 🙂

  2. OMG! I just did a Konad with the same color combo – I have Color Club Revvvolution with Sally Hanson Chrome (don’t remember the color) stamped in the Tiger print (can’t remember the plate number!!) I’m really loving this color combo! I do LOVE that stamp you used – I may have to order that one next!!!

  3. That is so cool!

  4. I love holos! I like this manicure. I haven’t used my Konad yet.

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