Color Club Fashion Addict Fauxnad

This is my second ‘nad with holographic polish. I held out for a while because I kept thinking that the ‘nad and holo would be too busy. This one didn’t turn out so bad though.

Color Club Fashion Addict with Fauxnad C06 and China Glaze Awaken

Tip of the day: If you want to ‘nad over a holo, then definitely use a very tone down (ahem: boring) color. That way it doesn’t look like you just drove through a Cirque de Soleil tent. However, if you’re going to see Cirque du Soleil or meet with Suzi, then go for a crazy color to ‘nad.


2 responses to “Color Club Fashion Addict Fauxnad

  1. ohhh a new blog about nailpolish and konad ^_^
    you’re already in my bookmarks, I can’t wait to see more pretty manicures with ‘nad

    I used the same design last week with a gunmetal gray polish on China Glaze Retail Therapy, now I *must* try it with a holo :o)

  2. Love holo polishes. Pretty design. Looking forward to more Konad’s.

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