Zoya Sloane Konad

Awww the first Konad post *tear*

Zoya Slone with Konad m73 Sally Hansen Chrome Makeup Royal Purple ChromeZoya Slone with Konad m70 and Sally Hansen Chrome Makeup Royal Purple Chrome

Tip of the day: Use chrome colors that are in the same color family as the color of polish that you’re using! This works especially well if your base color is dark like Zoya Sloane!


15 responses to “Zoya Sloane Konad

  1. congratulations to your first post! it’s cute love it keep blogging!

  2. I’ll have to make a note to order that plate the next time. That is such a great pattern. Love your color combination!

  3. I don’t think I have ever noticed that pattern before, and I thought I had looked at each and every plate of konads about 100 times each. Looks really cool with the color combo you chose, I like it!

  4. It’s really amazing! The contrast between the two colors are just simply stunning.

  5. Wow this is awesome! Can’t wait to see more!

  6. I love the color combo!!!

  7. Thanks everyone 🙂

  8. Cool combo!

  9. I love that design because it looks like water marbling.

  10. Thank Deez!

    Vanessa: I agree… that’s such a fun plate!

  11. I love those colors and that plate! Very nice! I really got to get that plate

  12. I love the Konad manicure. Very pretty combination of colors. Fun design.

  13. Gorgeous! Those colour look stunning together, chrome on dark shimmer looks great especially with an all-over nad design. Love the blog too, especially the ‘tip of the day’ bit.

  14. Thanks Laine, Lucy, and donny 🙂

  15. Love that color combo!

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