Introduction to ‘nads

For the sake of confusion, I’ll just call them ‘nads (since we do have Konad and Fauxnad). Still confused? I’ve compiled some Q&A here about Konad/Fauxnad that might help someone starting out with the ‘nad. The information below will be anchored on the link “FAQ” above:

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Konad? It sounds dirty.
Konad is a Korean brand who started stamping nail art.

How does Konad work?
Basically the Konad plate is a piece of metal that has a designed etched in it. You put a glob of nail polish onto the edged portion, scrape the excess nail polish, then you use a silicone stamper to transfer the nail polish from the plate to your stamper. You will then see a design on your stamper which you then put on your nail. It sounds kind of crazy when worded out. Perhaps pictures will help here (direct from Konad website to you):

Awesome! I’m still stuck though… do you have any other sources I can use?
There are a few videos floating around YouTube that can help. A favorite of mine is Casual Lavish’s tutorial and you can always go back to basics and use the tutorial on Konad’s website.

I’m sold! Now where can I buy this?
There are a couple reliable websites that you can get Konad stuff from such as and However, my favorite is you can always get free shipping and 20% off with the with coupon code Casuallavish. Keep in mind that I’m not affliated with either Casual Lavish or OCNailArt… but I always know a good deal when there’s one!

I’m cheap… are the eBay ones as good?
The NailBoard on MakeUpAlley has coined the term “Fauxnad” for the eBay ones. I have a several and they’re at a very good price. My honest opinion is that if you want to drown your nails in flowers, get the Fauxnad plates. If you compare the Faudnax with the Konad plates, the Fauxnad plates doesn’t seem to pick up the polish as well as the Konad plates. I would suggest that you start out with the Konad and use the Fauxnad after you have mastered the skill. It’ll be a little harder to start out with the Fauxnad. Otherwise, go for it!

I don’t think you heard me correctly: I said I am cheap. Do I have to buy Konad’s special polish in order for this to work?
No, I have a list of regular polish that works with Konad (which should also work with Fauxnad). If you have tried a polish that works and don’t see it on the list, let me know and I’ll be glad to add it to the list. Usually polish that are opaque in 1 coat should do the job.

Help! I can’t pick up the image, my Konad is broken!
Try the following:

  • Lightly file your stamper
  • Use nail polish remover to clean off the plate.
  • Clean off the stamp with nail polish remover, then dab dry with a paper towel.
  • Move quickly from the stamper to your nail.

Still lost? Feel free to contact me and we can shoot some ideas back and forth.

I need inspiration. Where can I find more pictures?
Hopefully I’ll be posting a ton of pictures of Konad designs on here. If you think my nails stink then you can alway check or the “Good Reads” on the right side navigation here. You can also check the image plate section on the Konad wesbite for some ideas too. Not all of the plates on the website has examples, but I have a lot of the newer plates and I’ll try to fill the void.

Hope this helps! I’ll keep adding to it as we go along!


4 responses to “Introduction to ‘nads

  1. WiccansBreath

    oh thankx for posting this! i am getting a stamper set soon so this will help me

  2. Oh dear. I never thought that it sounded dirty, but now I do! Help.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your designs! 🙂

  3. Looking forward to see how your blog progresses and getting to look at some awesome konad nails!

  4. Thanks for putting all the instructions in. I have one but haven’t used it yet.

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